Exclusive to Archers, this design is printed onto the (front & Back) of the right signalling arm as well as the front & rear of the T-shirt
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SLOW DOWN ARM SIGNAL GARMENT RANGE - Copyright @2013 Archers Of Earsdon. All Rights Reserved.

Flourescent Cool Long Sleeve T-shirt - REFLECTIVE - PASS WIDE/SLOW DOWN

  • A bold, bright and clear message to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to slow down / pass wide and be aware of the horse & rider!


    By wearing one of our brightly coloured Cool garments or any of our other 'Slow Down' range, you are helping to give others around you the chance to spot you well in advance thus allowing them time to think about how they deal with the horse and rider in front of them. Choose from yellow, black, purple, green, red and you can even opt for a reflective grade print to help stand out on those darker mornings and evenings.


    The message on the back clearly reads


    As well as this we have a message on the right signalling arm which reads


    This message gives everyone around you a clear message and people do take notice as it is quite a sizable print.


    The reflective enhanced print is actually EN471 certified reflective grade material and will help to get you noticed on those dark mornings and evenings as well as bright sunny afternoons.


    We have been producing these items since 2012 and own several of them ourselves and can tell you that they do work. What we have learned is that if we show others respect by trying our best to be seen on the roads and tracks then more often than not you will receive the same respect back...and motorist and cyclists slowing their speed/ giving a wider berth, and pedestrians being a little more cautious around you.


    • Long sleeve, crew neck
    • NeotericTM textured fabric with inherent wickability.
    • Self fabric taped back neck.Self fabric collar and cuffs
    • 100% Polyester